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Welcome to Aziz Gallerie's first installment of our Masterclass Series which will provide students of all ages an opportunity to learn about and use technical practices to create their own works of art. With hands on instruction from master mixed media and lithograph artist, Aziz Diagne, students will learn image preparation, carving techniques, and printing.  You will be able to produce museum and gallery-quality art works.  You will produce ORIGINAL pieces, every time...which is a unique benefit to using the Intaglio style of print-making.  The word comes from the Italian "intagliare", meaning “to incise” or “to carve.”  Following successful completion of the class, each participant will receive a total of 5 class sessions which will prepare them to gain artistic understanding and application of techniques learned.

AzizGallerie Printmaking 101: Intro to Intaglio

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